Honeywell T8775A,C The Digital Round Non-Programmable Manual

About Honeywell T8775A,C Manual

Setting SYSTEM and FAN Switches (T8775C only)

❑ System and Fan settings are controlled by using SYSTEM and FAN switches located on the top of the thermostat (see Fig. 1).

T8775 Thermostat (features and operation)


Do not operate the T8775C in cooling mode when the outdoor temperature is below 50°F (10°C), or damage to compressor could result.


❑ Heat: The thermostat controls your heating system.
❑ Off: Both heating and cooling systems are off.
❑ Cool: The thermostat controls your cooling system.


❑ Auto: Normal setting for most homes. The fan only runs with the heating and cooling system.
❑ On: The fan runs continuously. Use for improved air circulation.

Honeywell T8775A,C Thermostat Operating

NOTE: Batteries are not required because the temperature setting is held permanently in memory.

Backlit Display

❑ The backlight can be turned on by turning the dial, or by pushing the backlight button as shown in Fig. 1.

Display Temperature Setting

NOTE: Your temperature setting can be set anywhere from 40°F to 90°F (4°C to 32°C) in heating and 45°F to 99°F (7°C to 37°C) in cooling (T8775C only).

❑ Turn the dial one click to display the current temperature setting. A  indicator points to Set when the temperature setting is displayed. If a change to the

temperature setting is not made within five seconds, the mode will switch to the room temperature display.

❑ A  indicator points to Room when the room temperature is displayed.

Honeywell T8775A Temperature setting 2

Adjust Temperature Setting

❑ To lower the temperature setting, turn the dial counterclockwise.
❑ To raise the temperature setting, turn the dial clockwise.

Honeywell T8775A,C Troubleshooting Guide


Equipment Damage Hazard.
Can cause permanent damage to compressor or
other equipment
Do not operate cooling when outside temperature is below 50°F (10°C). Allow compressor to remain off for five minutes before restarting. See equipment manufacturer instructions.

Heating or cooling does not come on.

❑ Make sure that the SYSTEM switch on the thermostat is set to Heat or Cool (T8775C only).
❑ In heating, make sure the temperature setting is above the room temperature and the flame is present in the display.
❑ In cooling, make sure the temperature setting is below the room temperature and a solid snowflake is present in the display (T8775C only).

NOTE: If a call for cooling is made before the compressor has been off for five minutes, or if a power interruption occurs while the compressor is running, the thermostat will go into a five-minute delay to protect the compressor. The snowflake will flash during this delay.

❑ Check the system fuse or circuit breaker and replace or reset if necessary.
❑ Check for air movement at the register.

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Honeywell T8775A,C The Digital Round Non-Programmable Manual