Honeywell TL6120 Manual

About Honeywell TL6120 Manual

The TL6120 thermostat can be used to control an electric heating system such as a baseboard heater, a radiant floor, a radiant ceiling, a convector, a fan-forced heater, etc.

Honeywell TL6120 Clock and Day Setting

The clock must be set when TIME flashes on the screen.

Honeywell TL6120 Clock and Day Setting

  • Press the Day button to set the day.
  • Use the Hour and Min buttons to set the clock.
  • Press the Ret button to exit.

Honeywell TL6120 Automatic (programmable) mode

To use the Automatic mode, press the Menu button until AUTO is selected (outlined) on the screen. The current period number will appear.

In this mode, the thermostat automatically adjust its temperature setpoint according to the period of the day (wake up, leave for work, return home and sleep). You can program up to 4 periods in a day. You can set 2 different programs: one for the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and another one for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Honeywell TL6120 Automatic (programmable) mode

The thermostat is preprogrammed with the following schedule:

Honeywell TL6120 preprogrammed schedule

To temporarily override the current setpoint, set the desired temperature using the UP and Down buttons. The new setpoint will be used until the beginning of the next period.

To modify the schedule:

1. Press the Menu button until AUTO is selected.

2. Press the Pgm button.

Each time you press the Pgm button, the thermostat displays one of the periods in the following order (from left to right):

Honeywell TL6120 modify the schedule

3. Set the start time for the period using the Hour and Min buttons. NOTE: To disactivate the period, press the Mode button. Instead of displaying the start time of the period, the thermostat will display --:--. During operation, the thermostat will skip over that period.

4. Set the temperature for the period using the Up And Down buttons.
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the remaining periods.
6. Press the Ret button to return the thermostat to normal display.

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Honeywell TL6120 Manual

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