Honeywell TL7135A User Manual

About Honeywell TL7135A Manual

Honeywell’s TL7135A thermostat can be connected to an electric heater to control the room temperature.

The thermostat displays the heater duty cycle required to maintain the desired temperature. For example, if the heater is activated 40 percent of the time, is displayed. (display heater display heater Honeywell)


displays the heater 1

displays the heater 2

displays the heater 3

displays the heater 4

displays the heater 5

% of duty cycle

1 to 24%

25 to 49%

50 to 74%

75 to 99%


Honeywell TL7135A Assembly/Disassembly

  • To remove the control module from the power base, loosen the captive screw underneath the thermostat and pull the two components apart as shown.
  • To install the control module onto the power base, reverse the above procedure.Honeywell TL7135A Assembly-Disassembly

NOTE: Always keep the thermostat's vents clean and unobstructed.

Honeywell TL7135A Configuration

You can select the temperature display (°C or °F) using a DIP switch (S1) on the back of the control module.Honeywell TL7135A Configuration

Honeywell TL7135A Power-up

As soon as the thermostat is powered, it undergoes a series of tests before displaying the actual temperature.Honeywell TL7135A Power-Up

Honeywell TL7135A Error Messages

LO: The measured temperature is below 0°C (32°F). Heating is activated.
HI: The measured temperature is above 50°C (122°F).Honeywell TL7135A erroe messages

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Honeywell TL7135A User Manual

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