Honeywell TL8100 Manual PDF

Honeywell TL8100 Manual PDF

Honeywell TL8100 Discription

This thermostat can be used to control the following heating systems:

  • gas, oil or electric systems
  • hot water heating
  • hot air system with no fan control
  • millivolt system (e.g., gas fireplace)
  • electric heating up to 1200 W @ 240 V max.

Honeywell TL8100


Honeywell TL8100 Setpoint Temperature

The thermostat normally displays the measured ambient temperature. To view the setpoint temperature, briefly press either of the UP or DOWN buttons. The setpoint temperature will appear for 5 seconds.


To adjust the setpoint, press one of the UP or DOWN buttons until the desired temperature is displayed.

Honeywell TL8100 Preset Temperatures

The thermostat has 3 preset temperatures:

Preset temperature

Default value

Comfort temperature

68°F (20°C)

Economy temperature

64°F (18°C)

Vacation temperature

50°F (10°C)

To use a preset temperature:

Press the corresponding button ( sun  , moon   or preset temp indicator ). The temperature and the corresponding icon will be displayed.

To change a preset temperature:

  1. Set the desired temperature using the buttons.
  2. Press and hold the corresponding button (sun  , moon   or preset temp indicator) until the icon is displayed on the screen (approximately 3 seconds).


  1. Set the time, using the HOUR and MINUTE buttons.
  2. Set the day, using the DAY button.

Honeywell TL8100  AUTOMATIC MODE

Use automatic mode if you want the thermostat to follow the programmed schedule. The thermostat will switch from the Comfort temperature to the Economy temperature, or vice versa according to the schedule. Honeywell TL8100  AUTOMATIC MODE

To use the automatic mode, press the Manual/Auto button repeatedly until waiting indicator appears on the screen.

Temporary Bypass

You can bypass the temperature setpoint of the current period when the thermostat is in Automatic mode. To do so, press one of UP or DOWN button until the desired temperature is displayed or select a preset temperature by pressing the corresponding button ( sun  , moon   or preset temp indicator ). You can cancel the bypass, by pressing the Manual/Auto button twice, before it cancels automatically at the start of the next period.

Schedule Programming

You can program up to 4 periods in a day. The Comfort temperaure is used in periods 1 and 3 and the Economy temperature is used in periods 2 and 4. The start time of each period can be different for each day of the week. For each day, enter the time you wake up (period 1), the time you leave for work (period 2), the time you return home (period 3) and the time you go to sleep (period 4):

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