Seca 545 Service Manual

Seca 545 Service Manual

DESCRIPTION Seca 545 Service Manual

Succeeding the best-selling M-540, the Marsden M-545 is as robust, reliable and long-lasting as ever. Functions are easier to access, weight readings are clearer, and date can be transferred directly from the scale to a PC.

Super accuracy for medical purposes

The M-545 is twice as accurate as its predecessor with 100g graduations, yet still retains the 250kg capacity needed to allow weighing of almost any patient. 100g accuracy makes this scale more than capable of assisting in medical diagnosis.

Patient data transferred simply and efficiently

The M-545 helps you keep accurate records of patient data – which (once your database is configured) you can receive data from the scales via the micro-USB port (including height and BMI). Once your database is set up simply plug the scale into a PC and update the patient’s records instantly by using software from your database manager.*

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Seca 545 Service Manual

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