Seca 383_384_385 Service Manual

Seca 383_384_385 Service Manuals

Seca 383 Convertible and robust – compact quality with dual purpose.

At home, in the surgery and around the world wherever life begins: reliable weight control is decisive for a healthy start in life. The seca 383 is an all-around  unique scale which has been developed on the basis of practical experience. It can  be used not only as a baby scale but also as a floor scale for small children.

This compact module is designed to determine and display weights. Values are shown on a 5 digit LCD with additional fraction marks and icons.  Determination of weights is based on 4 strain gauge load cell technology.  Measurement of the 4 analog load cell values is done by a single discrete dual slope a/d converter in time multiplex (4 to 1).  The a/d converter, the multiplexer and the display are driven by an integrated Microcontroller.  The user interface contains 1 start/ stop button as well as 3 control buttons. All calibrations- and configurations data are stored in the Microcontroller EEPROM

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Seca 383_384_385 Service Manuals

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