Seca 656_657 NEC1 Service Manual

Seca 656/657 Service Manual

Introduction Seca 656/657 Service Manual

The display modules belong to the family of seca electronic modules and are used to display a weight measured with a suitable module and transferred via the SeSAM bus (Seca’s Serial Autoconfiguring
Multicontroller bus). Furthermore, the display modules accommodate the operating elements and can process the weight (hold, tare, etc.). The following block diagram shows the most important function blocks of the display modules:

The weight displayed on the LCD is updated approximately every 0.8s. A maximum of five digits as well as a few special characters can be displayed, which can appear as shown below:

Explanation Seca 656 of the special characters:

  •  The battery symbol is used to alert of the fact that the battery is going flat.
  • The plug symbol indicates that the scale is operated on a mains transformer.
  • The warning triangle signals that the weight displayed on the scale is not verifiable.
  • Hold indicates that the weight display has frozen.
  • Tare or Net show that a weight on the scale has been tared out.
  • The left and right arrows point to additional explanations next to the display.
  • The weight units on the right show in which unit the measured weight is displayed.

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Seca 656/657 Service Manual

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