Seca mBCA 514 User Manual

Seca mBCA 514 User Manual

Seca mBCA 514 medical Body Composition Analyzer

The medical Body Composition Analyzer seca 515/514 is mainly used in hospitals, medical practices and inpatient care facilities in accordance with national regulations. The seca 515/514 device records weight, height and bioelectric impedance measurements and parameters, e.g. fat-free mass (FFM), which can be derived from them for automatic calculation. The results are displayed graphically and assist the attending physician with the following medical issues:

  • determining energy expenditure and energy reserves as a basis for nutritional advice
  • assessing metabolic activity and the success of a training program, e.g. within the framework of rehabilitation or physiotherapy
  • determining a patient's fluids status
  • determining general state of health or, in the case of a previously-known disease, assessing its severity

The seca 515/514 is not a diagnostic device. To make an accurate diagnosis, the physician needs to commission thorough examinations and take their results into account in addition to the results of the seca 515/514.

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Seca mBCA 514 User Manual

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