Seca Analytics 115 User Manual

Seca Analytics 115 User manual

Medical PC software for diagnostic assistance.

Easy to integrate in hospital, medical practice and all Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

  • PC software to supplement seca mBCA.
  • For wireless reception of measurements from all seca 360° wireless devices.
  • Offers additional cardiometabolic risk module, trend analysis and much more.
  • Creates graphic presentation of examination results for screen display or printout.
  • Configurable software interface for integration in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system (EMR-integrated).

With the seca seca 115 PC software, you have acquired a product from the seca 360° system which will assist you with the analysis and interpretation of weight, height and bioimpedance measurements. For more than 170 years, seca has used its experience in the service of health care and, as a market leader, it has always set standards in many countries of the world with innovative developments for weighing and measuring.

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Title : Seca Analytics 115 User Manual
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Seca Analytics 115 User manual

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