Seca 727_728 Service Manual

Seca 727_728 Service Manual

Seca 727 Wireless baby scale with fine 1g graduation

The ergonomically shaped tray with high rounded sides makes it easy to weigh larger babies. A new backlit LCD display ensures comfortable reading of the digits, even in dimmed rooms. Power supply is by power adapter or rechargeable batteries.With everything primed for the future and integration in any EMR system, measurements can be transmitted via the seca 360° wireless system.

Technical Data Seca 727_728 Service Manual

Capacity: 44 lbs, 20 kg
Graduation (g): 1 g < 6 kg > 2 g / 0,1 oz
Measuring range in cm: 0 - 50 cm
Measuring range in inch: 0 - 20 "
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm / 1/8"
Power supply: Rechargable batteries, Power adapter
Measure (W x H x D): 551 x 151 x 320 mm , 21,7 x 5,9 x 12,6 inch
Net weight: 7,1 kg , 15,7 lbs
Functions and Properties: Mobile measuring and weighing, Overload protection, Transportation protection, TARE, Weighing range switch-over, Auto-HOLD, kg/lbs switch-over, Automatic switch-off, Damping
CE: CE 0123

Measuring element Seca 727

A platform load cell is used as the force measuring element. 4 wire resistance strain gauges are attached to its surface at suitable points which are connected in a bridge circuit. When a load is applied, the spring body is deformed in such a way that the two resistors forming a half bridge are extended and compressed. This causes the resistance to be increased or reduced so that the bridge is detuned.

In order to ensure a higher signal yield for the seca 717, the measuring element and the A/D converter are supplied with 10V; usually, a 5V power supply is provided.

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Seca 727 Service Manual

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