Epson Aculaser C2000 Setup Guide

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Epson Aculaser C2000 Safety Instructions

Epson Aculaser C2000 Laser Printer Precautions

This printer uses laser technology. The following precautions apply whenever you use the printer. Even if you are familiar with other types of printers, be sure to follow these precautions carefully to ensure safe, efficient operation.

  • Because the printer weighs approximately 39.5 kg (87 lb) without the consumables installed, you should not lift or carry it by yourself. Two or more people should carry it, lifting it at the correct positions.

Epson Aculaser C2000 Assembly

  • Be careful not to touch the fuser, which is marked CAUTION Hot Surface Avoid Contact, or the surrounding areas. If the printer has been in use, the fuser and the surrounding areas may be very hot.

Epson Aculaser C2000 Assembly2

  • Avoid touching the components inside the printer unless instructed to do so in this guide.
  • Never force the printer’s components into place. Although the printer is designed to be sturdy, rough handling can damage it.
  • When handling the developer cartridges, always place them on a clean, smooth surface.
  • Do not attempt to modify or take the developer cartridge apart. It cannot be refilled.
  • Do not touch the toner and avoid all contact with your eyes.
  • Do not dispose of used developer cartridges, photoconductor units, fuser oil rolls, or waste toner collectors in fire, as they can explode and cause injury. Dispose of them according to local regulations.
  • Wait for at least one hour before using a developer cartridge or a photoconductor unit after moving it from a cool to a warm environment to prevent damage from condensation.
  • Keep the fuser oil roll horizontal at all times. Do not tilt it or lean it against something, as it can cause oil to leak and reduce print quality.
  • When removing the photoconductor unit, avoid exposing it to room light any longer than necessary. The unit contains a green-colored light-sensitive drum. Exposure to light can damage the drum, causing dark or light areas to appear on the printed page and reducing the service life of the drum. If you need to keep the unit out of the printer for long periods, cover it with an opaque cloth.

Epson Aculaser C2000 Toner

  • Be sure not to scratch the surface of the drum. When you remove the photoconductor unit from the printer, always set the unit on a clean, smooth surface. Also, avoid touching the drum, since oil from your skin can permanently damage its surface and may affect print quality.
  • To get the best print quality, do not store the photoconductor unit in an area subject to direct sunlight, dust, salty air, or corrosive gases (such as ammonia). Avoid locations subject to extreme or rapid changes in temperature or humidity.
  • Be sure to keep consumable components out of the reach of children.
  • Do not leave jammed paper inside the printer. This can cause the printer to overheat.

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Epson Aculaser C2000 Setup Guide

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