Epson Thermal Printer DFX-5000+ Service Manual

Epson Thermal Printer DFX-5000+ General Features

The DFX-5000+ is a 9-pin, serial, dot matrix printer with a maximum speed of 560 characters per second (cps). It is designed for business use and provides high-speed, high-volume printing and continuous-sheet handling. The main features of the printer are:

  • Maximum printing speeds:
    • 560 cps (high-speed draft mode)
    • 504  cps  (draft  elite mode)
    • 420  cps  (draft  pica  mode)
  • Advanced paper handling:
    • 10 inches per second (ips) paper feeding
    • Paper jam detection
    • Paper width detection
    • Front and rear two-way push tractors
    • Automatic paper back-out and loading from another paper path  and  paper park
    • Automatic platen gap adjustment for paper thickness
    • Automatic tear off
    • Paper memory function
  • Eight-bit parallel interface and RS-232C serial interface standard
  • Epson ESC/P-83 (ESC/P version 83)  printer  driver  (compatible  with  the  and DFX-5000)
  • 9 character tables in the standard version
  • Upgraded data handling:
    • 20KB input buffer
    • Automatic interface selection Type
    • B optional interface cards

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Epson Thermal Printer DFX-5000+ Service Manual

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