Seca 755 Until 2002 Service Manual

Seca 755 Service Manual

Mechanical column scales with BMI display

The seca 755 is one of the first mechanical column scales which displays weight and the nutritional condition of the patient with the BMI function.

When the patient steps onto the scales, a BMI disc of contrasting color is set in motion below the very precise weight display on the large, clear dial. It is visible in a small window next to which a height scale is printed. Once the weight has been determined, it is easy to read the BMI range which, with contrasting colors, is split up into underweight, normal, overweight and obesity (abnormally overweight)

Technical Data Seca 755 Service Manual

Capacity: 350 lbs, 160 kg
Graduation (g): 500 g, 500 g / 1 lbs, 500 g / 1 lbs
Measure (W x H x D): 360 x 1000 x 628 mm , 14,2 x 39,4 x 24,7 inch
Net weight: 18,1 kg , 39,9 lbs
Functions and Properties: Transport custors, BMI, Reset-to-zero function
CE: CE 0123

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