Lux GEO Installation Manual

Lux GEO Installation Manual

Your LUX/GEO internet connected thermostat puts the control of your comfort in your hands and you are only 10 easy steps away from completion. Lux GEO Thermostat Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and LUX GEO thermostat troubleshooting.

Lux GEO Compatibility

For Use On: ƒ

  • Most 24-volt heating and cooling systems ƒ
  • 1 or 2 stage heat / 1 or 2 stage cool: gas, oil, or electric furnace and a/c systems ƒ
  • 1 or 2 stage heat / 1 stage cool: heat-pump style systems ƒ
  • 2-wire hydronic (hot water) zone valves ƒ
  • Gas Millivolt wall / floor heaters

  Not For Use On: ƒ

  • 120/240 VAC linevoltage systems (without a transformer) ƒ
  • Heat pumps that have (Y2) two compressor stages

Lux GEO Installation

Step 1: Getting started

Download App and Create Your Account Download your LUX Products App Depending on device type, search the App store for “LUX Products” and create your LUX user account

Step 2: Switch power off and take photo of existing wiring

Lux GEO Installation

Step 3: Determine how your LUX/GEO will be powered

LUX/GEO can be powered by one of four methods (in order of best performance): Method #1 & #2 (Preferred): 24V System Power “C-wire” (this powers GEO from your heating/cooling equipment and provides the best performance when using WiFi) Method #3: USB micro-port on GEO (wall adapter & cord not included - use 1A wall adapter) Method #4: Battery Powered* (2-AA Lithium batteries included)

Lux GEO Pre installation

Notes for Method #3: Micro-USB ƒ

  • You can use any standard USB wall adapter and Micro-USB cable, however the wall adapter must be rated for 1 Amp (1000 mA) or higher. ƒ
  • A Micro-USB kit with extra long power cable is available from LUX through our website. ƒ
  • Refer to Step 4.1 for wiring method.

Notice for battery powered installations ƒ

  • GEO® should only be used with lithium batteries. ƒ
  • Battery failure could leave property without controlled heating or cooling. Reliance on battery power is not recommended with prolonged absence from property. ƒ
  • Battery life will vary depending on your settings. After installation you can choose to adjust the “energy profile” for your GEO. This energy profile will determine the delay in GEO responding to changes from the App, but can increase battery life. ƒ
  • Refer to Step 4.1 for wiring method.  

Step 4: Remove existing thermostat and wire your LUX/GEO

  • Release wires and mounting screws from old thermostat and remove base from wall. ƒ
  • Open GEO from base, pull up on plastic “cover” between terminal blocks to access and pull wires through. ƒ
  • Secure GEO base to wall (mounting hardware & optional wall plate included)
  • On the following pages, there are several different methods of wiring the GEO thermostat depending upon system type and the power method selected in Step 3. Follow the scenario most appriate for your system type, and please contact LUX support if there are any questions.

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 Lux GEO Installation Manual

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