LUX T10-1141SA Installation and Operation Manual

LUX T10-1141SA Installation and Operation Instructions

LUX T10-1141SA Manual - A thermostat can only control temperatvre near it. Ifyou find that iis uncomfortable. some distance away from the thermostat, change the setting in order to compensate for this.

LUX T10-1141SA Spesification

  • LECTRICAL RATING 24 Vac (30 Vac Maximum)
  • SWITCH ACTION Open Contact Switch
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE 50° F to 90° F


For accurate temperature control and comfort, correct location is very important. On new installations, the guidelines listed below should be followed as closely as possible. When replacing an old thermostat, install the new one in the same location unless these conditions suggest otherwise.

  1. Locate the thermostat on an inside wall about five feet above the floor, where it is easy to install and adjust. It should be in a room that is used often, such as a family room.
  2. Do not install it where there are unusual heating conditions, such as direct sunlight, close to a lamp, radio, television, radiator, register, near a fireplace, or other heat producing appliance. Also, check for hot water pipes within the wall, or a stove on the other side of the wall.
  3. Do not locate in unusual cooling conditions, such as on an outside wall, or one separating an unheated room, or in drafts from stairwells, doors, or windows.
  4. Do not locate in a damp or humid area. This can shorten thermostat life due to corrosion.
  5. Do not locate where air circulation is poor, such as in a corner, alcove, or behind an open door.
  6. Do not install until all construction work and painting have been completed.


Wirestripper or knife, drill with 3/16" bit, screwdriver, level and a pencil.


  1. Place new decorative wall plate (if supplied), Figure 3, over wall opening. Decorative wall plate can optionally be left off.
  2. Remove Front Cover of new thermostat by inserting a finger in the side of the thermostat and gently prying away each corner. Place Base, Figure 2, on wall plate over wall opening. Mark wall with pencil at mounting holes as shown in Figure 2. Now lay wall plate and base to the side.
  3. Drill two holes with 3M' bit, 1 " deep.
  4. Insert plastic screw anchors into drilled holes, flush with wall surface.
  5. Bring wires through large hole in decorative wall plate and through Hole For Wfres in Base.
  6. Fasten Base loosely to wall using two mounting screws. Place a level against the bottom of the Base, adjust until it is level and then tighten mounting screws to secure the Base.
  7. Attach wires to terminal screws shown in Figure 2. (Either wire to either terminal) Push excess wire back into wall opening.
  8. Find anticipator setting on old thermostat. Setting on new thermostat should be the same. Do this by carefully sliding the long pointer on the anticipator over the desired number. If old anticipator setting cannot be determined, look on gas control on furnace, or set it at .6. During heating season, furnace should operate about five times an hour. If adjustments are necessary, move heat anticipator pointer slightly and recheck. NOTE: Set pointer to 1.2 for millivolt systems.
  9. Attach front cover, Figure 1, to base.
  10. Turn electricity and gas back on and set pointer on top of thermostat to desired temperature. 

LUX T10-1141SA Wiring

LUX T10-1141SA Wiring

LUX Technical Assistance

If you have any problems installing or using this thermostat, please carefully and thoroughly review the instruction manual. If you require assistance, please contact our Technical Assistance Department at 856-234-8803 during regular business hours between 8:00AM and 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. You can also receive technical assistance online anytime day or night at Our web site offers you answers to the most common technical questions, and also permits you to email your questions to our technical support staff at your convenience.

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LUX T10-1141SA Thermostat Manual 

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