Lux KONOz Thermostat Installation Manual

Lux KONOz Smart Hub THERMOSTAT Installation Manual

Lux KONOz Table of Contents

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  2. Installing KONOz
  3. Operating KONOz
  4. Appendix

Installing KONOz

This manual is a comprehensive guide for the installation and wiring of your KONOz thermostat.

  • Step 1.1: Turn off the power at the circuit breaker to both your heating and cooling systems before performing any wiring.
  • Step 1.2: Confirm that your heating and cooling system is powered down by changing the temperature on your existing thermostat. The heating and cooling should not come on but may show the temperature change on your existing thermostat.
    Note: Your system should not make any noise and you should not feel any air exiting your vents.
  • Step 1.3: Remove the front of your old thermostat from its base. If you see thick black wires, wire nuts, or any labels that say 120-240VAC or High Voltage, your system is not compatible with KONOz . Please call LUX Technical Support at 856.234.8803 before proceeding with your installation. If you do not see any high voltage labels or wires, you may continue with the installation process.
  • Step 1.4: Take a picture of your current wiring layout. The picture can be used as reference later.
  • Step 1.5: Use the included wire labels to mark which wire is connected to each terminal in your old thermostat.
    Note: Wiring letter designations correspond to either a “Heat Pump” or “Conventional” system.
    Note: A wiring compatability tool is available at

Lux KONOz Wiring

  • Step 2.1: Identify your system configuration (see wiring diagrams in appendix). Potential configurations include:

System Configuration

Wiring Configuration

Conventional: 1H/1C without C-wire

Y, G, W1, R

Conventional: 1H/1C with C-wire

Y, G, W1, R, C

Conventional: 2H/1C without C-wire

Y, G, W1, W2, R

Conventional: 2H/1C with C-wire

Y, G, W1, W2, R, C


System Configuration

Wiring Configuration

Heat Pump: 1H/1C with C-wire

Y, G, R, O/B, C

Heat Pump with auxiliary or dual fuel:

Y, G, R, O/B, W1, C

If you have only one R wire, please use the RH terminal. If you have a different configuration other than what is listed above, please call LUX Technical Support for help with your installation. If you have a “C” wire then the included batteries are not needed.

  • Step 2.2: Verify that each wire has been properly labeled and remove each wire from its terminal — make sure that they don’t fall into the wall.
  • Step 2.3: Remove the mounting screws from the base of the old thermostat and remove the base from the wall.
  • Step 2.4: Separate KONOz from its base.
  • Step 2.5: If you would like to use the trim plate or wall anchors, you may install them now.
  • Step 2.6: Pull the wires from your wall through the center hole of the KONOz base. Secure the base to the wall using the included mounting hardware. Follow the built in level to ensure that it is straight.

Option 1 - Conventional (furnace) Systems:

  • Step 2.7f: Follow the terminal labels marked “Conventional” on the thermostat base. Press the lever and insert each labeled wire into the top hole of the corresponding terminal.
  • Step 2.8f: If you have both an RC and RH wire present, then remove the red cap next to the reset button. You can now proceed to step 2.9.

Option 2 - Heat Pump Systems:

  • Step 2.7hp: Follow the terminal labels marked “Heat Pump” on the thermostat base. Referencing your wiring photo, press the lever and insert each labeled wire into the top hole of the corresponding terminal. If your old thermostat did not have a W1 wire but did have a W2 wire, insert the W2 wire into the W1 terminal.
  • Step 2.8hp: If you have both an O wire and a B wire (i.e. in a Trane system), install the B wire in the “C” terminal. For more detailed directions, please see the wiring diagrams in the appendix or call LUX Technical Support.

 Lux KONOz Wiring

  • Step 2.9: If you do not have a C-wire, insert the (4) AA batteries included with your KONOz thermostat according to their correct polarization markings found on the KONOz. Securely fasten KONOz onto its base. Once it has clicked into place, return power to your heating and cooling system.
    Note: If batteries are installed, you must replace all batteries with only premium brand alkaline batteries at least once every two years.
    To replace the batteries, remove the KONOz from it’s base (ie disconnecting it from its supply mains) and insert (4) AA premium brand alkaline batteries. If you discover leaky or damaged batteries, do not touch the batteries. Leaky or damaged batteries must be handled with proper safety equipment included safety glasses with side shields, and neoprene or natural rubber gloves in a well-ventilated room.
    For disposal of batteries, abide by the local laws and regulations of your region. If you are not able to identify the applicable rules in your area, please check the instructions of the battery manufacturer. For disposal of KONOz, you must remove batteries prior to disposal.
  • Step 2.10: Your KONOz is now ready to be configured for your heating and cooling system. The KONOz will guide you through the initial system configuration. Use the knob to change options and press the knob to confirm your selection.

First you will need to set your system type:

(F) for Furnace or Boiler:

Set the fan type to Gas (most common), Electric (for systems without gas or oil), or Boiler (no fan).

(HP) for Heat Pump:

Set the valve type to O or B - look at the photo of your wiring to see your valve type.

  • Step 2.11: After confirming your system settings, KONOz will ask if you would like to connect to a Smart Hub. Select “SET” to establish a connection with your Smart Hub or select “OFF” to connect later.

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