Lux ELV1/PSPLV510 Installation Manual

Lux ELV1/PSPLV510 Installation Manual

Lux ELV1/PSPLV510 Spesification

For Use On:

  • Heating Only 120/240 Vac Single Pole Applications
  • Baseboard, Ceiling Cable and other Radiant Heat

Not For Use On:

  • Double Pole Applications
  • Heating/Cooling or Cooling Only
  • Low Voltage (24Vac) Systems

Electrical Rating

  • 16A at 120/240 Vac
  • 1900W at 120Vac (Non-Inductive)
  • 3800W at 240 Vac (Non-Inductive)

Temperature Differential

  • ±1°F Factory Preset; Adjustable


  • Two Energizer® or DURACELL® “AA” alkaline batteries (not included)

Lux ELV1/PSPLV510 Programming

  • Preprogrammed - 4 Periods per day
  • 5 / 2 Programming
  • Weekdays/Weekends can be different
  • °F / °C Changeable
  • Temporary Temperature Override
  • Vacation Hold

Lux ELV1/PSPLV510 Dimensions

  • 4.7” T x 2.7” W x 2.4” D
  • 1.4” D from wall surface

Wall Plate

  • 4.8” W x 5.0” H Wallplate Included


Location: Install a vertical switch box for mounting the thermostat approximately 1.5 m (5 ft.) above the floor on an inside wall where the thermostat will be exposed to average room temperature. The thermostat must be placed away from concealed warm or cold water pipes, air ducts, or drafts from hallways, fireplaces or stairways to sense temperature properly. Do not place the thermostat above the heater



  1. Disconnect power while installing. Double check that the thermostat is rated for the voltage and amperage load to be controlled.
  2. Remove the cover by carefully pressing the button at the bottom of the thermostat and swinging the body up and away.
  3. When replacing an old line voltage wall thermostat, remove it carefully to avoid damage to the insulation on the wiring. Check the old insulation for cracks, nicks, or fraying and apply certified electrical tape where necessary to achieve adequate insulation, or replace the wires in an approved fashion.
  4. Attach the wires with solderless wire connectors (provided). Be sure that all wire connectors are tight.
  5. Bend the solid conductors, then push them and the wire connectors into the electrical box. Secure the thermostat base to the electrical box with the mounting screws.
  6. Snap the cover in place.
  7. Turn the power on.


The thermostat requires batteries to operate your furnace and retain its programming in memory. Replace the batteries when the LO BAT indicator appears in the display or at least once a year.

NOTE: When replacing batteries, you have approximately 1 minute before the programs are lost.

  1. Remove the fresh batteries from their package.
  2. Open the front door of the thermostat and tilt out the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the used batteries if necessary.
  4. Install two new Energizer® or DURACELL® "AA" size alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. Observe the polarity marking shown in the compartment.
  5. Place the battery compartment back in the thermostat.
  6. Close the door. Note: If this is the first time you are installing batteries, the thermostat will display “SUN 12:00 AM”. Within 90 seconds, the thermostat will begin to display the room temperature alternately with the time. To correct the display, see SETTING THE TIME AND DAY.


The thermostat alternately displays the current time and the room temperature. It also displays the day of the week and the currently active control program that is controlling the temperature: MORN, DAY, EVE, or NIGHT. The set point temperature will appear in the right side of the display.

The Built-In Programs

Push in the RESET key. This sets the built-in heating programs. To review the built-in programs, rotate the dial to SET WEEKDAY PROGRAM or SET WEEKEND PROGRAM. You can use the built-in programs as shown, or change them as you wish. Each day is divided into four periods. Each period has its own starting time and temperature.

Programming the thermostat

You can change any of the preset times and/or temperatures to suit your schedules for the weekday and weekend programs. Each day is divided into four periods: Morning, Day, Evening, and Night. A blank programming chart is provided for you to record your temperature settings in that chart. Rotate dial to SET WEEKDAY PROGRAM. To program the WEEKEND, rotate the dial to SET WEEKEND PROGRAM. With dial on set WEEKDAY Program, you will see this display.


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