Trane BAYSENS019B Thermostat Manual

Trane BAYSENS019B Thermostat Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries. This booklet describes step-by-step instructions for install- ing and programming the Programmable Zone Sensor. By carefully reviewing the information within this manual and following the instructions, the risk of improper operation and/or component damage will be minimized. Should equipment failure occur, contact a qualified service organization with qualified, experienced HVAC technicians to properly diagnose and repair this equipment.

Trane BAYSENS019B Thermostat Installation Manual

Remote Panel w/ NSB - BAYSENS019B

This 7 day programmable sensor features 2,3 or 4 periods for Occupied or Unoccupied programming per day. If the power is interrupted, the program is retained in permanent
 memory. If power is off for an extended period of time, only the clock and day may have to be reset. The Zone Sensor allows selection of four system modes (Heat, Cool, Auto, and Off), two fan modes (On and Auto). It has dual temperature selection with programmable start time capability.

The occupied cooling set point ranges between 45 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit.The heating set point ranges between 43 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. A liquid crystal display (LCD) displays zone temperature, temperature set points, day of the week, time, and opera- tional mode symbols. The Option Menu is used to enable or disable applicable functions, i.e.; Morning Warm-up, Economizer minimum position override during unoccupied status, Fahrenheit or Centigrade, Supply air tempering, Remote zone temperature sensor, 12/24 hour time display, Smart fan, and Computed recovery.

Trane BAYSENS019B Thermostat Manual

General Information

Trane BAYSENS019B Overview

Icon Description

  1. The four periods of the day used during programming.
  2. The seven days of the week used during programming and in the Nomal Run State fo indicate the current day
  3. Four digits used to display the time of day in the Normal Run State. Also used in the Programming Menu, Temporary Override Menu, and the Options Menu. The Colon (:) blinks in the Nomal Run State to indicate communication to the UCP is functioning
  4. AM and PM used to display the time of day (Morming/Evening) in the Nomal Run State when using the 12 hour time option.
  5. Days and Hours are used in the Temporary Overide Menu to program the override time period.
  6. Displayed and Blinks during Temporary Overide Operaton
  7. Displayed in the Temparary Override Programming Menu
  8. Programmable In the Programming Menu and is displayed in the Normal Run State to indicale the currenl 2one Status
  9. When displayed, indicates the keypad is locked out
  10. Emergenoy Heat selection available when used with a heatpump application and programmed in the Options Menu.
  11. Displays the FAN operation Mode.
  12. Displayed in the Nomal Run State when the Zone Temperature is programmed to be displayed in the Options Menu
  13. Displayed only in the Options Menu
  14. Two digits used to display the Zone Temperature when programmed in the Options
  15. Indicates UCP operabng status in the Normal Run State and is used in the Programming Menu and Temporary Overide Menu ta set the desired operating setpoints.
  16. Displayed in the Programming Menu and Termporary Override Menu to Indicate the desired operaling setpomts
  17. Displayed and Blinks when the programmed Check Filter time has elapsed.
  18. Displayed and Binks when a Cooling Failure has occured
  19. Displayed during the UCP sell-test mode.
  20. Displayed and Blinks duing Service Stalus and if Fan Failure occurs
  21. Displayed and Blin ks when a Heating Failure has occured.
  22. Displays the System operation Mode

Trane BAYSENS019B Installation

Sensor Mounting

  1. Mounting location.
    • Choose a location on an interior wall near the return air grille, approximately five feet above floor level, where air circulates freely and is of average temperature for the zone.
    • Avoid areas such as: behind doors; on outside walls, or any walls with unconditioned areas behind the sensor; in direct sunlight, or any source of radiant heat that could affect the temperature measurements; in line with the discharge air from the unit being controlled.
  2. Mounting the sub base.
    The mounting hardware is contained in a plastic bag that includes;
    3 - plastic wall anchors
    3 – mounting screws
    1 – terminal strip (TB), set aside for later use.
    • Remove the sensor from its sub base.
      Hold the Sensor with one hand and firmly grasp the sub base with the other hand. Gently pull the bottom, away and upward. Refer to Figure 1.
      After disassembling the sensor, protect the internal surface from contacting objects or substances that could cause damage.
    • To determine the appropriate number of wires required, refer to Figure 3.
    • Route the wires from the wall through the wire access hole in the sub base. Refer to Figure 2.
    • Mount the sub base directly on the wall or on a 2X4 handy box (Handy Box must be installed Horizontally). To mount the sub base directly on the wall, hold it in place and mark the three holes. Drill three 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) holes. Gently tap the plastic anchors into the holes until they are flush with the wall. Level the sub base and firmly tighten the mounting screws. OVER TIGHTENING THE SCREWS could crack the sub base. To mount the sub base on a 2X4 handy box mounted horizontally, Level the sub base and firmly tighten the mounting screws. OVER TIGHTENING THE SCREWS could crack the sub base. If the handy box is installed vertically, a mounting plate and adapter kit (#BAYMTPL003B) is required. Follow the instructions that are enclosed with the mounting kit.
    • Seal the hole in the wall behind the sub base.

Trane BAYSENS019B Installation

Conductors and Terminal Identification

Operating Power (2 Wires)
24 VAC power supplied from the Unit Control provides the operating power for the ZSM. The power supply should be connected to the terminals 11 & 14 on the ZSM.

Remote Zone Temperature Sensor (2 Wires Optional)
The ZSM supports the use of a remote zone temperature sensor. The remote sensor should be a thermistor type sen- sor (Baysens017). When connecting the remote sensor, use terminals S1 and S2 on the ZSM. Connect the Shield wire (drain wire) from the shielded cable to terminal 11 on the ZSM.

Communication (1 Wire)
Data communication between the UCM and the ZSM is ac- complished over a serial link connected at terminal 12 on the ZSM.

UCM Status Inputs (4 Wires Optional)
The ZSM can be wired to receive four (4) operating status signals from the UCM (HEAT, COOL, SYSTEM “ON”, SER- VICE). Four (4) wires from the UCM should be connected to the appropriate terminals (7, 8, 9 & 10) on the ZSM.

Auxiliary Relay (3 Wires Optional)
The auxiliary relay located on the ZSM is energized during OCCUPIED periods. The auxiliary relay is form C, rated for 1.25 Amps at 30 VAC. Figure 3 illustrates the terminal con- figuration.

Wiring The Sub Base

Connecting the wires

  1. Strip approximately ¼ inch of insulation from each wire and connect the wiring to the appropriate terminals at the unit control panel.
  2. Remove the Terminal Block from the hardware package and connect the wiring to the appropriate terminals at the Zone Sensor sub base. In general, zone sensor connections use the convention of connecting Zone Sensor terminals to like numbered Unit terminals (1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.). Refer to Figure 3.
  3. Firmly tighten each screw terminal.
  4. Attach the terminal block to the Sensor PC Board.
  5. Fit the wires as close to the sub base as possible. Be sure to push the excess wire into the wall and plug the hole with nonflammable insulation to prevent drafts from affecting the sensor.
  6. Replace cover. Place the zone sensor on the sub base by hooking the top two tabs on the Zone Sensor Module to the slotted tabs on top of the sub base. Swing the ZSM straight down onto the sub base until you hear the plastic locking mechanism snap securely into place.

Trane BAYSENS019B Wiring Diagram

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