Trane Comfort Control XB200 Thermostat Manual

Trane Comfort Control XB200 Manual - Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries. XB200 Comfort Control combines the latest digital control technology with intuitive functions that make this control simple to understand and easy to operate. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills at the touch of a button with the energy efficiency features built into your XB200 Comfort Control. Your comfort settings are automatically stored in the XB200 Comfort Control’s memory eliminating the need for battery backup in the event of power loss. Simply follow the steps in this instruction manual and begin enjoying the benefits of your new Trane XB200 Comfort Control.

Trane Comfort Control XB200 Manual

Trane Comfort Control XB200 Features

Service Indicator

“SERVICE” automatically flashes when an internal fault or error has been detected by the control. See Table 2 on pages 18.

Wait Indicator

“WAITING” will illuminate when the indoor setpoint is moved in the direction of calling for additional system capacity. “WAITING” idicates that the control is adjusting to the new settings.

Calibrate Indoor Temperature

This option allows calibration (or deliberate miscalibration) of the room temperature sensor. The selection is the number of degrees added to actual temperature. The number can range between + 5 and - 5. Factory default is 0. This adjusted value will be used as actual tempera- ture for both display and control action. For example, if 2 is selected, 72 degrees actual will read 74 degrees.

Comfort Information Drawer

The drawer attached to the mounting base of the control is designed to provide a convenient location for the home owner to locate their local servicer. A standard business card can be folded and inserted into the slot on the drawer to remind the User whom to call when service is required.

Auto Changeover

When the system mode is set to Auto, the control automatically switches between heating and cooling modes to maintain the desired comfort level.

Setpoint Deadband

The number of degrees separating Heating and Cooling setpoints. The amount of separation between mode setpoints is user defined between 2 and 10 degrees. When the control is set to Auto, and the cooling setpoint is changed to a cooler setting, the heating setpoint also changes to maintain the selected degrees separation.The same action occurs when the heating setpoint is changed to a warmer temperature.

Backlit Display & Keys

The liquid crystal display and keypad will illuminate whenever a keypad button is pressed to improve thermostat visibility. The back light stays on for 10 seconds after the last key press. The Up and Down arrows are continuously lit.

Cooling Droop

Cooling Droop is an automatic function that cycles the compressor on to improve indoor comfort by removing moisture from the air. The Droop cycle is activated when space tem- perature is at or below the cooling sensible temperature setpoint. When this function is active, the control will control indoor temperature at 1 or 2 degrees below cooling setpoint. The Droop cycle is deactivated when the indoor temperature rises above the coolingsetpoint.

Keypad Lock

Locking the control keypad can help prevent unwanted tampering or changing the control settings by pressing the controls UP and DOWN arrow keypad buttons at the same time and holding for 2 seconds. The “KEYPAD LOCKED” icon will appear on the control’s display. Repeating this combination unlocks the keypad.

Filter Reminder

“FILTER” will automatically flash to remind the homeowner that its time to change the filter once the preset time has expired. Pressing the “FILTER” keypad button automatically resets the internal clock timer. Once the timer has been reset, the number of days remaining till the next filter change can easily be determined by simply pressing the “FILTER” keypad button. Pressing and holding the “FILTER” keypad button provides quick access to the filter timer setup.

Energy Savings

The Energy Savings mode provides instant energy savings by offsetting the indoor setpoint to a cooler temperature setting for heating and a warmer temperature setting for cooling. The Energy Savings mode is activated by pressing the Energy Savings key “$” on the control keypad. Pressing the Energy Savings key “$” again deactivates the Energy

Savings mode.

Pressing and holding the Energy Savings key “$” provides quick access to the offset degree setup for the current operating mode.

Default Factory Settings

The control is shipped with a set of factory default settings. The factory default settings can be restored at any time using the control configuration menu. Please see Page 15 for a com- plete listing of factory shipped default settings.

Trane XB200 Keypad Functions


  • Pressing this key changes the system mode to Heat, Cool, Automatic or Off. A border will appear around the mode on the display to show the system mode you’ve selected.

Trane XB200 Keypad Functions

UP / DOWN Arrow

  • Use these keys to raise or lower the Heat or Cool Setting.
  • The first key press turns on the back lighting and a border around the setting to be adjusted without changing the setting.
  • Pressing the Up or Down arrow again will raise or lower the setting that has the border around it.
  • If you press and hold the Up or Down arrow, the temperature setting will advance rapidly.
  • When the control is set to Auto mode, pressing the Mode key once changes the position of the border to heat or cool.


  • Pressing this key selects whether the indoor fan motor runs in automatic or continuous mode.
    The FAN ON indicates that you have selected to operate the fan in continuous mode. Continuous fan mode during cooling operation may not be appropriate in humid climates. If the indoor air exceeds 60% relative humidity or simply feels uncomfortably humid, it is recommended that the fan only be used in the AUTO mode.
  • Pressing the Fan keypad button again returns the indoor fan mode of operation to
    automatic and FAN ON goes away.


  • Press this key to display how many days remain before time to replace or clean the filter. The “FILTER” indicator will flash on the display when the filter timers days remaining reaches zero.
  • Press the “FILTER” key after cleaning or replacing the filter to turn off the filter indicator and reset the timer.
  • IF the filter is serviced before the timer expires, press the “FILTER” key to display the “days remaining for filter”. Press the Down arrow to change the remaining days to zero. Press the “FILTER” key twice to reset the timer.
  • If you press and hold the filter keypad button for several seconds, the display changes to the Quick Setup option for the filter timer. Use the UP or DOWN arrow keypad buttons to change the timer setting if desired, 1 - 180 days.
    NOTE: Setting to 0 will disable filter timer.
    Press the filter button again to return to normal display or just wait a few seconds and the display will return on its own.

Lock - Unlock Keypad:

Press and hold Up Arrow and Down Arrow at the same time.
(“Keypad Locked” icon will display on LCD screen)

Trane XB200 User Setup Options

Entering User Setup:
Press and hold the MODE and FAN keypad buttons at the same time.

Keypad Navigation:

  • Use the MODE or FAN buttons to navigate forward and backward through the Setup steps.
  • Press MODE to advance forward to the next step.
  • Press FAN to return to the previous step.
  • Use the UP and DOWN arrow keypad buttons to select or change Setup options

Energy Savings

  • Use this key to lower your systems energy consumption and save money at the same time! Pressing the Energy Savings keypad button changes the indoor tempera- ture setting to a warmer temperature when the system is operating in the cooling mode and to a cooler indoor temperature setting when operating in the heating mode. Energy Savings will appear on the display.
  • Press and hold the Energy Savings keypad button to gain Quick Access to the Energy Savings setup screen.
  • Use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to change the offset degrees setting.
    NOTE: Energy Savings offset degrees are selected separately for heating and cooling.
    Press the Mode keypad button while viewing this screen to access the Cooling or Heat- ing offset degrees setting, then use the UP or DOWN arrow key to select the desired number of offset degrees.
  • Press the Energy Savings keypad button again to return to normal display or just wait a
    few seconds and the display will return on its own.

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