Trane XL940-TZONE940AC52Z Thermostat Manual

Trane XL940 Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries.

This sensor is a wall mounted low voltage control that allows a user to control the temperature in the respective zone. The sensor can be used in two different ways:

  • Stand-alone remote indoor temperature and relative humidity sensor.
  • Temperature and relative humidity* sensor used to control individual zones in zoning applications.
    * For zoning applications, relative humidity control is a system-level function. The 950 Control allows the user to select the humidity-controlling zone.
    * NOTE: For proper operation, some features of the 940 Sensor require software version 2.2 or later on the 950 Control. Before proceeding, please be sure the 950 Control is running software version 2.2 or later.

Trane XL940 Thermostat Installation Manual

Trane TZONE940AC52Z Communicating Sensor with Display.

Trane XL940/TZONE940AC52Z Spesification

Specification Description
Product Model: ZONE940AC52Z
Product: ComfortLink II™ Communicating Sensor
Size: 5.5” width x 3.4” height x 1.1” depth
Storage Temperature: -40°F to 170°F, 0% - 95% RH
Operating Temperature: 32°F - 120°F, 5% - 90% RH non-condensing
Power: 24 VAC from HVAC System (Range: 18-32 VAC)
Power Consumption: 2 VA
Wire usage: Minimum 18 gauge NEC approved control wiring

Trane XL940 Operation


Alert Triangle – A critical alert has been detected. Contact servicing dealer.
Signal Icon – The communicating sensor has lost communication. Contact servicing dealer.
Lock Icon – Indicates the screen has been locked by the 950 Control. When this lock is present, the sensor will not respond to any keypad presses.

Setpoints - The setpoint is the desired temperature for each mode (Heating or Cooling).

Select the heating or cooling button to adjust the temperature for that mode. Using the red or blue arrow, adjust the temperature up or down. If scheduling is enabled on the 950 Control, changing the setpoint on the 940 Sensor overrides the scheduled setpoint until the next scheduled period. See the Hold section for additional information.

Presets - Three presets allow one-touch control of conditions.

Note: buttons will not be present if disabled from the 950 Control. (See Section 2.2) These preset buttons on the 940 Sensor are configured from the 950 Control and allow one-touch convenience for the common situations of Home, Away or Sleep.
These preset values are temporary and will revert to the 950 Control’s scheduled settings at its next scheduled period.

Fan Mode - Fan Mode is a system-level function. Changing the fan mode at any sensor will change the system fan mode to reflect the last fan setting.

Hold - This sensor offers three variations of Hold functionality that override the scheduled setpoints.
Temporary Hold
Permanent Hold
Hold Until
NOTE: The Hold button is only visible when a schedule is enabled on the 950 Control. Press Cancel Hold to resume schedule.

Temporary Hold - This feature temporarily overrides the scheduled setpoints until the next scheduled period.
Adjust Setpoint - Adjust the setpoint to the desired setting by pressing the up and down arrows. After approximately 5 seconds, the screen will display Holding Until with the time of the next  scheduled period. To cancel, press Cancel Hold.

Permanent Hold - This feature is used to permanently override the scheduled setpoints. Settings will persist until hold is canceled at either the 940 Sensor or the 950 Control.

    1. Press Hold - Press Hold one time to enter Permanent Hold mode. This zone’s schedule will be overridden and PERMANENT HOLD
      appears on the display.
    2. Adjust Setpoint - Adjust the setpoint to the desired setting. To cancel, press Cancel Hold.

Hold Until - This feature overrides the scheduled setpoint until a user selected time is reached.

    1. Press Hold Two Times - Press Hold two times to enter Hold Until mode.
    2. Adjust Setpoint - Adjust the setpoint to the desired setting.
    3. Set End Time - Set the time to return to the scheduled setpoints. The screen will show Holding Until with the selected time. To cancel, press Cancel Hold.

Trane XL940 Wiring

Connect power leads to the D, R and B terminals.

  • Wire data to D.
  • Wire 24 VAC hot to R.
  • Wire common to B.
    NOTE: All wall penetrations MUST be
    sealed to prevent temperature biasing.

Trane XL940-TZONE940AC52Z Wiring

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Trane XL940-TZONE940AC52Z Manual

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