Trane XR302-XR303 Thermostat Manual

Trane XR303 Thermostat Manual TCONT302 and 303 Installation and User Guide

Trane XR303 Thermostat Manual - The 302 and 303 are programmable thermostats with 5” diagnoal, blue backlit, touchscreen displays. The 303 features a built- in humidity sensor that may be used to control a whole house humidifier (HM) and cooling dehumidification (DHM). Trane XR303 Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries.

Trane XR302-XR303 Thermostat Specifications

Every Trane touch-screen, programmable thermostat is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your digital home thermostat will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The XR303 includes:

  • Large, bright back-lit display with interactive touch screen
  • Armchair programming with removable screen
  • Programming functions stored in permarent memory
  • Manual or auto changeover
  • Compatible with 3 wire zone valves, mili- volt and dual fuel systems
  • Humidifier control
  • Energy Management Recpvery (Early Start)
  • Min and max heating and cooling ranges
  • Daylight Savings time
  • Programmablefan
  • Programoverride
  • Five-minute time delay for compressor protection
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Three-stage heat (gas or electric). two-stage cool
  • Humidity sensor
  • Outdoor temperature display
Product Models TCONT302 / TCONT303
Products XR 302 / XR 303
Size 4-9/16” x 5-13/16” x 1-3/16” (HxWxD)
Configurations Heat Pump, Heat/Cool, Dual Fuel, Heat Only, Cooling Only
Maximum Number of Stages 4 Stages Heat, 2 Stages Cooling
Operating Temperature 32°F to 105°F (0 to +41°C) / 90% RH Non Condensing
Shipping Temperature Range -40 to 150°F (-90 to +65°C)
Input Power (DC) Two 1.5V AA Alkaline
Input Power (AC) 20-30 VACm NEC Class 11m 50/60 HZ
Terminal Load 1.5A per Terminal, 2.5A Maximum, all Terminals Combined
Wire Usage 18 AWG
System Modes Auto, Heating, Cooling, Off, Emergency Heat
Fan Modes Auto, On, Program
Setpoint Temperature Range 45°F to 99°F, (7 to 37°C)
Humidification Setpoint Range 5 to 50% (303 only)
Dehumidification Setpoint Range 40 TO 95% (303 only)
Indoor Temperature Display Range 32°F to 99°F
Outdoor Temperature Display Range -40°F to 140°F
Indoor Humidity Display Range 0°F to 100°F
  Fast Slow
Heat (Single Stage/Multi-Stage) 0.6°F 1.5F
Cool (Single Stage/Multi-Stage) 1.2°F 1.7°F
Heat Pump 1.2°F 1.7°F
Emer Heat 0.6°F 1.7°F
Thermostat Configuration Options Thermostat Applications Maximum Stages Heat/Cool
Single Stage 1 No Heat Pump (SS1) Gas, Oil, Electric, Heat Only, Cool Only or Heat/ Cool Systems, 2 or 3 wire Hydronic Zone (Hot Water or Steam) Systems, 24 Volt or Millivolt 1+1
Multi Stage 2 No Heat Pump (MS2) 2+2

Heat Pump 1

Single Stage Compressor Heat Pump (HP1)

Single Stage Compressor Heat Pump Systems - up to 2 Stages Aux./Emergency Heat 3+1

Heat Pump 2

Two Stage or Two Compressor Heat Pump (HP2)

Two Stage or Two Compressor Heat Pump systems - up to 2 Stages Aux./Emergency Heat 4+2

Trane XR302-XR303 Thermostat Installation

The 302 and 303 is designed for installation in climate controlled living spaces. Place the unit in a central location with good circulation.

For proper temperature sensing, avoid exposing the 302 and 303 to heat radiated from lamps, sun light, fireplaces or any other radiant heat source.

Avoid locations close to windows, behind doors or alcoves with poor air circulation, adjoining outside walls, or doors that lead to the outside.

Select a location that prevents the 302 and 303 from being directly exposed to air currents from supply registers or ceiling fans. Mount the Control on a section of interior wall that does not contain hot or cold water pipes or duct work.

Mounting / Installation

Follow these steps to mount the 302 and 303 Control to the wall.

  1. Turn OFF all power to heating and cooling equipment.
  2. If an existing thermostat is being replaced:
    a. Remove the existing thermostat from the wall.
    b. Record color and terminal marking of each wire.
    c. Disconnect the wires from the existing thermostat being careful not to allow them to fall back into the wall.
  3. Pull the thermostat body off the thermostat base. Forcing or prying on the thermostat will cause damage to the unit.
  4. Place base over hole in wall and mark mounting hole locations on wall using base as template. (See Fig. 1)
  5. Move base out of the way. Drill mounting holes. If you are using existing mounting holes and the holes drilled are too large and do not allow you to tighten base snugly, use plastic screw anchors to secure the base.
  6. Fasten base snugly to wall using mounting holes shown in Figure 1 and two mounting screws. Leveling is for appearance only and will not affect thermostat operation.
  7. Connect wires to terminal block on base using appropriate wiring diagram.
  8. Push excess wire into wall and plug hole with a fire resistant material (such as fiberglass insulation) to prevent drafts from affecting thermostat operation.
  9. Carefully line the thermostat up with the base and snap into place.

Battery Location

Two “AA” alkaline batteries are included in the thermostat at the factory with a battery tag to prevent power drainage. Remove the battery tag to engage the batteries. To replace batteries, set system to OFF, remove thermostat from wall and install the batteries in the rear along the top of the thermostat (see Figure 2). For best results, use a premium brand “AA” alkaline battery such as Duracell® or Energizer®. If the home is going to be unoccupied for an extended period (over 3 months) and is displayed, the batteries should be replaced before leaving.

Power Stealing Switch

The power stealing switch is set to OFF. Placing the switch in the ON position may extend battery life. Power stealing is not compatible with every furnace. Cycle the furnace and verify the inducer and/or indoor blower do not run continuously or with no call for heat. If they do, return switch to OFF position.

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