Trane XL824 Thermostat Manual

Trane XL824 Thermostat Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries. The XL824 is an easy-to-use, programmable control with a color touch-screen. When connected with Nexia™ Home Intelligence, you can control your home’s heating and cooling system and up to 230 separate Z-Wave devices from a smart phone, PC or tablet from virtually anywhere. This guide will help you configure and connect your XL824 Smart Control quickly and easily.

Trane XL824 Thermostat Installation Manual

trane xl824 navigation control

The 824 Smart Control has a 4.3” color touch screen and offers a full-featured and easy-to-use interface. From individual daily schedules to remote access, the 824 is one of the most advanced 24VAC Controls available. The Trane XL824 have Accessories

  • Wired Remote Indoor Sensor (ZZSENSAL0400AA)
  • Wired Remote Outdoor Sensor (BAYSEN01ATEMPA)
  • Bonnet Thermostat model THT1248 (BAYSEN03ATEMPAA)

Trane XL824 Installation


The 824 is designed for installation in climate controlled living spaces. Place the unit in a central location with good circulation. For proper temperature sensing, avoid exposing the 824 to radiant heat source. Avoid locations close to windows, behind doors or alcoves with poor air circulation, adjoining outside walls, or doors that lead to the outside. Select a location that prevents the 824 from being directly exposed to air currents from supply registers or ceiling fans. Mount the Control on a section of interior wall that does not contain hot or cold water pipes or duct work.

Important: The 824 Control utilizes a 4.3” color touch screen. This screen generates heat which is vented out the top of the Control utilizing natural convection. If an air source is directed at or from above, heat from the screen can be trapped within the Control and can cause the indoor temperature to be biased. (Refer to Figure 1 on page 4.)

Trane XL824 Installation Manual

Trane XL824 Network Connections

To take advantage of the full range of features on the 824 Control, it should be connected to the Internet. This is possible using either a wireless or a wired connection.

Wireless Connections

If the 824 Control will be connected to the Internet using the built-in wireless feature, choose a mounting location that ensures adequate signal strength from the Internet router.

Tips to Help Maximize Signal Strength:

  • Do not mount the Control more than 30 feet from the wireless router
  • There should be no more than three interior walls between the Control and the
  • Do not mount the Control in areas where electromagnetic emissions from other devices, appliances or wiring can interfere with the Control’s (i.e. wireless phones, security systems, wireless Internet cameras).
  • Do not mount the Control in recessed areas, near metal objects, or near structures. (i.e. doors, appliances, entertainment centers or shelving units).
  • Do not mount the Control closer than 2 inches to any pipes, duct work, or other metal obstructions.
  • Do not have metal obstructions, concrete or brick walls between the Control and the

Refer to the 824 User Guide for additional information on connecting the 824 to the Internet.

Wired Connections

The 824 Control may be connected to the Internet using its built-in RJ-45 connector. When using a wired connection, verify that a CAT 5 or better Ethernet cable with a male RJ-45 connector is present from the router to the Control.

Trane XL824 Mounting

Follow these steps to mount the 824 Control to the wall.

  1. Turn OFF all power to heating and cooling
  2. If an existing thermostat is being replaced:
    • Remove the existing thermostat from the
    • Record color and terminal marking of each
    • Disconnect the wires from the existing thermostat being careful not to allow them to fall back into the wall
  3. Carefully pry the Sub-base away from the 824 Control securely to the Sub-base when mounted on the wall.
  4. Route the wires through the opening on the Sub-base.
  5. If using a wired Internet connection, route the Ethernet cable through the Ethernet cable through the opening.
  6. Place the Sub-base against the wall in the desired location and mark the wall through the mounting If you are using a wired Internet connection, be sure to mark the cutout for the RJ-45 connector (see Figure 2 on page 5).
  7. Drill the holes in the wall where If you are using a wireless Internet connection, skip to step 9.
  8. When using a wired Ethernet connection, follow these step and refer to Figure 3 on page 5.
    • With the Sub-base and RJ-45 holder oriented as shown, press the holder into the Sub-base.
    • Slide the holder to the right so it snaps in
    • Secure the holder with the provided
    • Insert the RJ-45 Connector into the RJ-45 holder until it snaps into place.
  9. Mount the Sub-base to the wall using included mounting screws and drywall anchors. An optional mounting hole is available for more secure mounting, if needed. Make sure all wires extend through the hole in the Sub-base see Figure 4 on page

Trane XL824 Wiring

  1. Adjust the length and position of each wire to reach the proper terminal on the connector block of the Sub-base. Strip 1/4” of insulation from each Do not allow adjacent wires to short together when connected.
  2. Match and connect control wires to the proper terminals on the connector block. Refer to Field Wiring Diagrams included in this
  3. Push excess wire back into the wall and seal the hole to prevent air NOTE: Air Leaks in the wall behind the Control can cause improper operation.
  4. Attach the Control to the Sub-base.
  5. Turn ON power to the heating and cooling

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Trane XL824 Thermostat Installation 

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