Trane X1379088401 Owner's Manual

About Trane X1379088401 Owner's Manual

Trane X1379088401 General Information

This section provides a description of the sensors, as well as part numbers and dimensions.

Trane X1379088401 Product Description

The Trane programmable zone sensor (p/n X1379088401) can be used with UCP, Reliatel, and IntelliPak control units. It has the following features:

  • A liquid crystal display (LCD) with symbols for zone temperature, temperature setpoints, system operating modes, day of the week, time of day, and occupancy settings
  • Configurable to operate with constant-volume (CV) units, heat pump (HP) units, and variable- air-volume (VAV) units
  • System modes:
    • CV: Heat, Cool, Auto, Off – HP: Emergency Heat, Heat, Cool, Auto, Off
    • VAV: Auto, Off
  • A cooling setpoint range (occupied) of 45ºF to 98ºF (7.2ºC to 36.7ºC)
  • A heating setpoint range (occupied) of 43ºF to 96ºF (6.1ºC to 35.6ºC)
  • Two fan modes (CV and HP only): On, Auto
  • A table of configurable functional options (see Table3, p.14 and Table4, p.16)
  • Scheduling function: 7 days per week and up to 4 periods per day, occupied/unoccupied mode
  • Temporary override function
  • During occupied periods, an auxiliary relay rated for 1.25 A @ 30 Vac with one set of single-pole double-throw contacts is activated.

Trane X1379088401 Pre-Installation

This section provides the following pre-installation information:

  • Location considerations
  • Height requirements
  • Mounting surfaces
  • Recommended wire lengths

Trane X1379088401 Location Considerations

Placement of the sensor is critical to proper operation. When selecting a location, avoid the following:

  • Areas of direct sunlight
  • Areas in the direct airstream of air diffusers
  • Exterior walls and other walls that have a temperature differential between the two sides
  • Areas that are close to heat sources such as sunlight, appliances, concealed pipes, chimneys, or other heat-generating equipment
  • Drafty areas
  • Dead spots behind doors, projection screens, or corners
  • Walls that are subject to high vibration
  • Areas with high humidity
  • High traffic areas (to reduce accidental damage or tampering)

Trane X1379088401 Height Requirements

It is recommended that you mount the back plate a maximum distance of 54 inches above the floor. If a parallel approach by a person in a wheelchair is required, reduce the maximum height to 48 inches.

Note: Consult section 4.27.3 of the 2002 ADA (Americans with Disability Act) guideline, and local building codes, for further details regarding wheelchair requirements.

Trane X1379088401 Mounting Surfaces

Using the hardware provided, mount the back plate to a flat surface such as sheetrock or plaster, or an electrical junction box. The sensor must be mounted plumb for accurate temperature control and to ensure proper air movement through the sensor.

  • If mounting onto sheetrock or plaster, use the plastic threaded anchors (pre-drilling holes is not usually necessary) and the two M3.5 x 20 mm mounting screws.
  • For mounting onto an electrical junction box, use the two 6-32 x 3/4 in. screws.
  • If you are replacing a horizontally mounted sensor and need to cover an opening in the wall, use the adapter kit (p/n BAYMTPL103A).

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