Trane XL1050 Installation Manual

Trane XL1050 Installation Manual - The XL1050 Control has a 7 ” color touch screen and offersa full-featured and easy-to-use interface. From individual daily schedules to remote access, the 1050 Control is one of the most advanced Communicating Controls available. Trane XL 1050 Installation Manual Explain about Spesification, Feature and Function, Installatiom, and Troubleshooting when trane thermostat blank screen, trane thermostat blank screen no batteries.

The Trane XL1050 is a programmable thermostat designed for use with Trane heating and cooling systems. It provides control over temperature, humidity, and ventilation in the home. The XL1050 features a large, easy-to-read display, programmable scheduling options, and remote access capabilities through the Trane ComfortLink II app. The thermostat can also be programmed to automatically adjust temperature based on the user's schedule and preferences. Its design is aimed at providing improved comfort and energy efficiency, while allowing users to control their heating and cooling system from a smartphone or computer.

ComfortLink II XL1050 Communicating Connected Control

These instructions do not cover all variations in systems or provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with the installation. Should further information be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purposes, the matter should be referred to your installing dealer or local distributor.

Trane XL1050 Product Specifications

Product Model TZON1050AC52ZA
Product Wi-Fi, ComfortLink™ II Control with built in Nexia Bridge
Size Product: 7.2” x 4.5” x 1.2”; Display 6.1” x 3.3” (WxHxD)
Configurations Heat Pump, Heat/Cool, Dual Fuel, Heat Only, Cooling Only
Maximum Number of Stages 5 Stages Heat, 2 Stages Cooling
Storage/Operating Temperature -40°F to 175°F, 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Input Power 24VAC from HVAC System (Range: 18-30 VAC)
Power Consumption 3W (typical) / 4.7W (max)
Wire Usage 18 AWG NEC approved control wiring
Communications ComfortLink™ II 3-Wire Connection
System Modes Auto, Heating, Cooling, Off, Emergency Heat
Fan Modes Auto, On, Circulate
Cooling Setpoint Temperature Range 60°F to 99°F, 1°F resolution
Heating Setpoint Temperature Range 55°F to 90°F, 1°F resolution
Indoor Temperature Display Range 20°F to 120°F
Outdoor Temperature Display Range -40°F to 135°F
Indoor Humidity Display Range 0% to 99%, 1% resolution
Minimum Cycle Off Time Delay Compressor: 5 minutes, Indoor Heat: 1 minute

Trane ComfortLink II XL1050 Features Include

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connectivity
  • Nexia™ climate service
  • Built in Nexia Bridge
  • Weather Forecast, Radar and Alerts
  • Home Screen Widget Options
  • Allergy Clean/Quick Clean Cycles
  • Screen Lock & Guest Access Security
  • Ten Year Registered Warranty
  • User Setup Wizard
  • Self Guided Scheduling
  • One Touch Presets
  • Runtime History
  • System Alerts
  • Screen Saver
  • Clean Screen
  • Color Themes

Trane ComfortLink II XL1050 Accessories

  • Wired Remote Indoor Sensor (ZZSENSAL0400AA)
  • Wired Remote Outdoor Sensor (BAYSEN01ATEMPA)
  • Relay Panel for 24v applications (BAY24VRPAC52D)
  • Communicating Indoor Temperature Sensor with display (TZONE940AC52ZA)

Trane XL1050 Zoning Accessories

  • Zone Panel Kit (ZZONEPNLAC52ZB)
  • Zone Expander (ZZONEEXPAC52ZB)
  • Modulating Zone Dampers (round, rectangular and slip-in dampers are available)

Trane ComfortLink II XL1050 Installation


The 1050 Control is designed for installation in climate controlled living spaces. Place the unit in a central location with good circulation. For proper temperature sensing, avoid exposing the 1050 Control to heat radiated from lamps, sun light, fireplaces or any other radiant heat source.

Avoid locations close to windows, behind doors or alcoves with poor air circulation, adjoining outside walls, or doors that lead to the outside. Select a location that prevents the 1050 Control from being directly exposed to air currents from supply registers or ceiling fans. Mount the 1050 Control on a section of interior wall that does not contain hot or cold water pipes or duct work.

Important: The 1050 Control utilizes a 7” color touch screen. This screen generates heat which is vented out the top of the 1050 Control utilizing natural convection. If an air source is directed at or from above, the indoor temperature may be biased.

Network Connections

To take advantage of the full range of features on the 1050 Control, it should be connected to the Internet. This is possible using either a wireless or a wired connection.

Wireless Connections

If the 1050 Control will be connected to the Internet using the built-in wireless feature, choose a mounting location that ensures adequate signal strength from the Internet router.

Tips to Help Maximize Signal Strength:

  • Mount the 1050 Control within 30 feet of wireless router
  • Install 1050 Control with no more than three interior walls between it and the router.
  • Locate the 1050 Control where electromagnetic emissions from other devices, appliances, and wiring cannot interfere with system communication.
  • Locate the 1050 Control in open areas, not near metal objects, or near structures. (i.e. doors, appliances, entertainment centers or shelving units).
  • Locate the 1050 Control further than two inches away from any pipes, duct work, or other metal obstructions.
  • Locate the 1050 Control in an area which minimizes metal obstructions and concrete or brick walls between the 1050 Control and the router.

Refer to the 1050 Control’s User Guide for additional information on connecting to the Internet.

Wired Connections

The 1050 Control may be connected to the Internet using its built-in RJ-45 connector. When using a wired connection, verify that a CAT 5 or better Ethernet cable with a male RJ- 45 connector is present from the router to the 1050 Control.

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Trane XL1050 Installation Manual

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